#RRBC May Author on the Move! @W_Angels_Wings ~ Stephanie Collins

I am a hard-working mother of 4, a loving wife, and an unsuspecting author of a true medical drama/unconventional love story called With Angel’s Wings. With Angel’s Wings is my story. I wrote therapeutically as I was introduced to/initiated into life as a special needs mother. Years later, friends, therapists, and nurses convinced me to share my tale. All names were changed in the book, out of respect for those who would not appreciate being mentioned by name, but aside from names, the story is 100% true. If, after reading With Angel’s Wings, you are left with questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  On the website are an epilogue, “deleted scenes” and “real life” pictures that correlate with each of the book’s chapters. Some of those pictures are featured in With Angel’s Wings.


With Angel's Wings by Stephanie Collins

What stands out most for me about Stephanie, is that she is one of our top recruiters in the club!  She has won TOP RECRUITER twice (yep, there is a cash prize there) and she consistently remains on the list of those who are clearly spreading the word about RRBC. She is one of our supportive members and deserves every bit of praise we can bestow upon her.

Please visit Stephanie’s website/blog:


CONGRATULATIONS to Stephanie for being selected as our 4th AUTHOR ON THE MOVE for the 4th edition of The RRBC Pipeline Magazine…news of the RRBC!  Tune in next month to see who will take up residence in this most auspicious space!  It just might be you!


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  1. Congratulations, Stephanie. Your book is inspirational and very moving. You are a wonderful role model for all of us. Happy Mother’s Day!


  2. I love seeing Stephanie here. She is one of the most supportive #RRBC members we have and is always willing to lift up someone else. Happy Mother’s Day, Stephanie!


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