#RRBC November Author on the Move! @SusanneLeist

Our Author on the Move for November, Susanne Leist is one of our most involved and supportive members.  Susanne is being honored as our AUTHOR ON THE MOVE because she deserves it as a very active member of the club.   

Susanne Leist

Find her on Twitter:  @SusanneLeist

 CONGRATS to Susanne for being selected as our AUTHOR ON THE MOVE for this edition of The RRBC Pipeline Magazine…news of the RRBC!!  


(RRBC members, please tune in December 5th to see who will take up residence in this most auspicious space next!  It just might be you!)


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    • Hi Mary – The first book in my NA epic fantasy is to be released this fall. I’m currently finishing up the third book in the trilogy and then I hope to work on Dreamers. Thanks for asking!


  1. Rhani, you most certainly deserve the recognition as Member on the Move. I have read and enjoyed all of your books. Shadow of the Drill is my favorite. Keep up the good work.


  2. Congratulations, Rhani! You are definitely “On The Move!” Thank you for all of your support. I have read everything you have published, so you need to hurry and get another one out! 🙂


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