#RRBC May Blog of the Month! @PeggyHattendorf

PEGGY HATTENDORF is a novelist and a travel writer and Editor for HERS Magazine. The attention that is clearly given in putting her website together is what has landed her here today.  She is another RRBC & RWISA member who cares about her brand and it shows throughout her entire author platform.   Her blog is not only so nice to visit, it’s filled with information and tips that you can use if you are a jet-setter as much as you can, if you’re a writer!  I encourage you to #Follow her blog and social media, today!

Did I mention that her blog is also so soothing and easy on the eyes?  It’s obvious I’m a stickler for attractive, nice, neat and well-written blogs! But, visit Peggy’s and see for yourself.

PEGGYHATTENDORF.com is our featured blog of the month and we ask that you drop by and check it out, and also #Follow while you’re there.  Following Peggy’s social media is highly recommended if you’re looking for amazing support! @PeggyHattendorf


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  1. Hi Peggy
    I’m going over to follow you right now! I don’t travel nearly enough and hubby and I have been promising to get out and see the world! Congrats on Blog of the Month!


  2. I follow Gwen’s blog and I truly agree with everything Nonnie said. She is always encouraging and always quick to support others. Hugs, Gwen! You deserve this spot!


  3. Dear Nonnie, thank you so very much for your kind recognition in this beautiful magazine. I am deeply grateful to be part of RRBC’s family of writers who, like me, try to find words for their dreams. Thank you, too, for your tireless, selfless and sometimes thankless dedication which imbues members with the direction we need. ♥


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