#RRBC July Blog of the Month! @MAAdlerWrites

Mary Adler

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, quite a long time ago. When I was six or seven, I moved to northern California, where my dog and I disobeyed orders and spent afternoons exploring the bay. We found rocks and shells, crabs and fish. I touched the sandpaper skin of a dead shark and popped the bulbs on the ends of the kelp washed up on the shore. An afternoon at the bay was usually followed by an afternoon of
confinement – if only we could have avoided the tell-tale tar from the Standard Oil Refinery that matted her fur together or ruined yet another pair of my shorts.

When I was fourteen, I returned to Pittsburgh and spent the next decades yearning to live in California again. I yearned through college, teaching in Head Start, marrying, having children, going to law school, practicing law, becoming an associate dean at a medical school, and pursuing photography. During the yearning years, I returned to California for visits to renew my spirit and research the mystery book I was going to write one day.

Finally, my dreams have come true. Sonoma County is home, and In the Shadow of Lies is the book I began researching so long ago.

I recently dropped in on Mary’s blog and I got just what I expected…a professional and well-written blog (and you know how much those turn me on!)  I expected this because I am presently reading her well-written book. On her blog site, she writes about the things that are going on in her writing life as well as her personal.  Her blog appears to be fairly new and so it could use some nice followers, like you all, so please, I encourage you to #Follow her blog and show your support!

MARY ADLER WRITES is our featured blog of the month and we ask that you drop by and check it out, and again, please #Follow while you’re there.  Following her social media is highly recommended if you’re looking for amazing support! @MAADlerWrites


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  1. Congratulations, Chuck, on the “Blog of the Month”. What an honor, and one that you definitely deserve! Oh how I loved to stop in Shoshone and get the best malt in the world! It was a nice place to take a break when traveling from Casper to Worland!


  2. What a wonderful recognition for “Blog of the Month of May” in the lovely literary magazine – The #RRBC Pipeline. I’m sorry to say that I am behind in my responses due to my recent travel schedule.

    With a brief respite before I’m on the go again, I’ve just added a couple of new travel posts under my Travel Writing Blog on my website – http://www.peggyhattendorf.com.

    Thank you for the kind words accompanying this honor. But most of all, thank you for your vision, talent and unstoppable efforts to make at both RRBC and RWISA shine the best places to call home for Indie authors and readers alike.


  3. Hi Peggy
    I’m going over to follow you right now! I don’t travel nearly enough and hubby and I have been promising to get out and see the world! Congrats on Blog of the Month!


    • Hi, Linda! I’ve been traveling and just returned to see this wonderful surprise of “Blog of the Month of May.” Thanks for reading my blogs.There is nothing like travel and I hope you and your husband will keep those “travel promises” and just get out and go!!!

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  4. I follow Gwen’s blog and I truly agree with everything Nonnie said. She is always encouraging and always quick to support others. Hugs, Gwen! You deserve this spot!


  5. Dear Nonnie, thank you so very much for your kind recognition in this beautiful magazine. I am deeply grateful to be part of RRBC’s family of writers who, like me, try to find words for their dreams. Thank you, too, for your tireless, selfless and sometimes thankless dedication which imbues members with the direction we need. ♥


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