#RRBC March Book Trailer of the Month! @DarinCBrown

People often ask, “Do book trailers really sell books?” Well, if you view one and it interests you so much that you want to actually read the story, and so you run to purchase it…I guess you have your answer!

For a book trailer to push you to purchase, it must have ALL of the following elements:

*a well-written storyline
*perfectly suited music
*nice pacing
*and it must not be too long, or it loses the viewer’s attention

We are profiling some good book trailers here, and this month we introduce you to:


We invite you to check out this book by Author, Darin C. Brown

We’d like to also invite everyone who isn’t a member of RRBC yet to…



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  1. This book trailer is a wonderful look at the lives of the Peluso family. Having read, “And The Whippoorwill Sang,” it is particularly poignant to see all these faces.


  2. JEM is my favorite Michelle Abbott book so far. The story really pulled me in and I still think about it from time to time. That is the mark of a good story and storyteller!


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