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Quote Show And Just Like That...

We can all do this.  This isn’t a “me” thing.  This can be the gift that each of us gives to the world.  I’m on board and have committed – how about you?


  1. I am honest in my reviews, but I sprinkle that honesty with kindness when I can. I always point out what I liked, and then I go into what the author could improve upon (or what I didn’t enjoy). When possible, I also try to send the author (especially if it’s an RRBC author) pictures of errors they have to give them the opportunity to correct them. The way I look at it, my review reflects upon me as much as it reflects upon the book. If I say that the story is perfect, and it’s riddled with errors, then my judgment is compromised. I won’t let that happen, so honest reviews are what they get. 🙂


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