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“INTRODUCING” is where we profile our members’ NEW RELEASES!

This month, we’re introducing a new release that hit virtual shelves on May 12, 2021.  This book is entitled “MY AUNT PEGGY” by Author, Joy M. Lilley.  You can find it on Amazon now for only $2.00 for the Kindle version!!!  Go on and snag your copy so that you won’t forget to go back and get it later.  Once you’ve read it, let the author know what you thought of it by posting an honest review to Amazon! That’s how we support!

My Aunt Peggy by Joy M. Lilley Amazon cover


This story written by the protagonists niece is an insight to a lady with little education or hope of achievements and success in her life. However she bucked the trend and achieved much in life. Her family loved her dearly and cared about her right up to the last. She achieved more in becoming a constant winner of bowls tournaments a game she dearly loved. She also won the hearts and minds of many celebrities in the forties, when she worked at the famous Pinewood film studios in Britain. Many gave her their signed black and white photographs. Auntie Peggy was an engaging character to most and an adversary to a few. As you turn the pages you will be laughing and crying at some events of this intrepid lady’s life.


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  1. Good Morning, Joy,
    Congratulations for being chosen to be featured in the INTRODUCING SECTION. I have read My Aunt Peggy and was delighted with the book.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem


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