#RRBC Introducing: “VISITORS” @WendyJayneScott

(DISCLAIMER:  Blurbs posted here are copied and pasted directly from Amazon.  They were not written by the staff of THE PIPELINE.)


“INTRODUCING” is where we profile our members’ NEW RELEASES!

This month, we’re introducing a read by one of our most supportive members, “VISITORS”  by RWISA Author, WJ Scott.  This book is on Amazon now.  Go on and snag your copy so that you won’t forget to go back and get it later!  That’s how we support!

Visitors by WJ Scott

Here’s the blurb:

Twelve-year-old Brody, and his kid brother are sent to stay with their reclusive Aunt Sally, when their mom falls seriously ill. But, they soon discover things are not as they appear, and a strange phenomenon is happening in the small retro town.
What mystery is Tucker’s Mountain hiding?
Unsure of who or what they can trust, the boys embark on a hunt for answers that reveals more than they bargained for.


If you have a new release, please share it with us at RRBCInfo@gmail.com.


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  1. Hello, Balroop! Congratulations and welcome to the club! I read Balroop’s poetry book “Emerging from Shadows” and loved it. I have her book “Timeless Echoes” in my Kindle waiting its turn to be read. 😀 xo


  2. This book sits beside my computer 24/7. When I am writing, it is my “Go-To” resource for new and different ways of saying the same thing. I’ve even put together a workshop with this great resource book from Nicholas as the center of the workshop! Glad to see it here. Every writer needs this book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for listing my latest book! Sadly, a lot of this story was my life. The rest was based on my experiences as a paramedic and later as an ER RN.


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