#RRBC The Writer’s Corner: SPAM Folders – A Love/Hate Relationship @DWallacePeach

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Author, D. Wallace Peach



(photo compliments of pixabay)

I just learned that SPAM (the kind in a can) turned 80 yesterday. In honor of Spam, here’s a little spam.

I make lots of comments on blogs, and WordPress decides on occasion that I’m a spammer. They shovel me into spam folders where I’m eventually discovered by my blogger friends, sometimes weeks later. I don’t take getting spammed personally; it’s just part of life on WP, and it’s not like the sky is going to fall if my comments slip into the deep, dark void of the blogosphere.

I’m not great about checking my WP spam folder regularly, but I do check it. And thank goodness it’s there! I would NOT want all this craziness showing up on my blog. Aside from the usual lists of links, there are the nonsensical sentences, the political rants, the porn invites, and the insinuations that my blog requires some assistance.

Just for laughs here are a few that I found this morning in response to “My Chili Attempt” (spammer links not included for obvious reasons). I wonder what it was about my chili recipe:

This sounds like a great deal for people that can save there gallbladder. Removing the stone would be the better choice. (Now, my chili wasn’t that bad!)

Sexy girls and small widows. (Small widows?)

I see your page needs some fresh posts. (Apparently, this spammer doesn’t like my attempt at humor.)

Many реорle have repеаtedly nотicеd а тuмоr undеr thеir аrmріts. (Um, thanks. Good to know.)

Of course, the physical aspects of tennis training will also make one stronger and fitter. The Dallas Cowboys have been working hard this off-season. (But are they eating chili?)

This is where the services of an electrician become necessary. The best part is that he shared his golf equipment importance. (He had me until “golf.”)

lawyers as well as shopping mall trolling “talent scouts” tend to be practicing their finest outlines to strengthen any kind of idea how the following Miley Cyrus may be residing below your own roofing. (I’m not sure I follow.)

Study my new devise erotic sexbot (An erotic sexbot? Hmm. We’re getting way off track here.)

Taylor Swift is a racist white supremacist … and she voted for Donald Trump TWICE. (Did she really? Why, Taylor, why?)

Started unusual spider’s web stand out. (Yeesh, I give up.)

There are many more, most too offensive or too dull to share. I usually scan and delete, but couldn’t resist a little silliness this morning. Remember to check those spam folders for your friends, and thank the WordPress algorithms for saving you from the rest!


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  1. What a beautiful tale, Harmony. And it’s perfect for Father’s Day. Your writing puts me IN the story and that’s what we all strive for, as authors. Well-done! And Congrats on this spot in the Pipeline!

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  2. Your story reminds me of a memory of my own. My grandfather had a gold watch on a chain that nestled in his vest pocket or in the pocket of his trousers. Each time I witnessed him taking the watch into his hand, checking the time, winding it, and then slipping it back into his pocket I was in awe. When I was a very little girl he would hold it up to my ear to listen to the musical tick-ticking.
    I treasured this timepiece when it was given to me after Grandpa died. Last year I gave it to my first grandson and shared why it was such an important time piece.
    Thank you for sharing, Harmony. It was a beautiful and touching story.

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  3. Reblogged this on MarethMB and commented:
    Thank you so much, Karen Ingalls for your encouraging words. Only those who have faced a storm will understand the truer and deeper meaning of thoughts expressed through the colours of the rainbow. And let’s face it: there are few souls in this world who would be able to say that.
    I reblogged Karen’s thoughts which originally appear in The RRBC PIOELINE this month.


    • Maretha, thank you for posting this on your blog. That is a true honor. Writing about rainbows and their symbolism was helpful to me as I hope it will be for others.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jan, I appreciate your comment. Writing the blog brought more meaning into my life, which I hope it did for those who read it.


  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute to the blessings one has in life if there’s a loving grandparent to remember the years gone by in such a happy way. I stayed with my grandmother during the week while both my parents were at work and reading your description of her house and how you viewed being there, put a wide grin on my face at 5 am this morning. All the best for a blessed Sunday, Linda🌸🌺🌷

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  5. This piece was beautiful. You are blessed to have been given the opportunity to have such a bond with your grandmother and to have had a grandmother who inspired you. She must have been an incredible woman. 🙂


    • Some might call her gregarious! She never met a stranger. Within minutes, people wanted to take her home and make her their friend. The older I get, the more I realize how special she was. Thanks for commenting, Yvette!

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  6. I believe in God and Providence. At the most unlikely times inspiration will hit or you’ll get that nudge to keep on plowing ahead. It is 3 a.m. in Chicago and I was lying in bed just now unable to sleep and praying for our city. I was eeking guidance for what to write next for the children of violence. I opened my iPad and there was an email from Nonnie directed to me, @boom_lyn. (Don’t we automatically open emails from Nonnie at 3 a.m.?)
    She had sent me a vision of my beloved grandmother. I’ve just revisited a time in my childhood that was rife and pregnant with possibilities. I am awesomely inspired again. Thanks #RRBC Pipeline for featuring me and Mama Dorothy. Thanks Nonnie!

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