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*RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, get ready for a virtual conference & book expo you won’t soon forget! If you are a new writer and looking to learn all there is to know about this industry, you want to be part of this event! If you are a veteran writer and looking to brush up on some of the industry do’s and don’ts, and also learn what’s NEW in our literary world,  you also don’t want to miss out. Last but not least, if you are a book lover and looking to get your hands on some awesome reads, awesome book deals, etc…make sure you save the dates on your calendar to attend this event!

Join us Sunday, October 22 thru Saturday, October 28th for a full seven days of the most awesome VIRTUAL WRITERS’ CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO ever! Picture an event featuring dynamic authors and speakers, with virtual author & vendor booths and virtual round-table discussions held via chatrooms, YouTube video sessions and blog posts, as well as live SKYPE, Google Hangouts, Facebook LIVE and BlogTalkRadio sessions!  Registration opens on Monday, May 15th;

If you are interested in serving as a Presenter at our 2017 WRITERS’  CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO, please email me at  We will have topics planned, but we’d also like to hear from our members what they’d like to see and learn in this year’s conference.  A survey will go up shortly, but again, if you’re interested in serving as a Presenter, let me know asap as we are only allowing a certain number of presentations;


*HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the amazing ladies who have been blessed to wear the title of MOM!  But, this wish is for ONLY those out there who are deserving of the title.  As you know, I am of the firm belief that there should be a law that requires everyone who decides they want to become a parent, must have a license to do so.  YES, I SAID IT! And, I didn’t stutter when I did -______________________-


*RRBC is in the market for a Magazine Editor for The RRBC Pipeline Magazine (which is what you are reading now).  If you have meticulous writing skills, are kind of crazy when it comes to your writing and the perfection of it, please contact our President, Nonnie Jules, at  This is, of course, a volunteer position;


*RRBC is now ready to refer our members to the amazingly professional literary services you offer!  Welcome to our LITERARY SERVICES DIRECTORY, created for our members to offer their quality services to fellow members.  The services that will be allowed to be promoted within RRBC, will be services that have been vetted FIRST.  We are very aware of a huge number of self-proclaimed “professionals” popping up all around the web,  offering services that they shouldn’t, because their own writing leaves much to be desired…that’s clearly evident in their websites, books that they have edited and their other literary creations, etc.

In our year of better here at RRBC,  2017 is going to look a whole lot differently than years past.  We will be promoting only the best and we will ensure that the services that are being offered to our members, are coming from “true” professionals who care about the perfection of their own work, as well as work they perform for others.  Whether it be in the editing arena, proofing arena, book trailer creation, book cover design, etc., we want to ensure that our members are being guided only in the direction of better.  If there is a service out there being offered and it is clearly not quality, it will not be allowed to be promoted within RRBC.

Will every member who applies, be allowed to promote their services and have their services promoted by RRBC?  ONLY if they are offering TOP-NOTCH, quality services! If you’d like to advertise your quality literary services to our members and others who visit our site daily, click HERE;


*Book readers make the best Lovers, reveals survey!  Who knew?  (But, just for the record, I am an avid book reader!  LOL – NJ)

Have you ever fallen head-over-heels with someone based on their reading list?

If so, you’re not alone because according to eHarmony, the books on your bedside table could be seriously affecting your love life.

The dating site found that listing reading as a hobby on your dating profile is a winning move that makes you more appealing to the opposite sex.

In fact, the data revealed that men who list it as an interest receive 19 per cent more messages, and women three per cent more.

It also said that bookworms are found to be “more intellectually curious than most and find it easier to form open and trusting relationships with others.”

But, just like most things in the online dating world, listing reading on your profile comes with a catch.

Because when it comes to which books you read, there’s a silent literary hierarchy to take into consideration.

Men who mention Richard Branson’s “Screw It, Let’s Do It” and “Like a Virgin,” will receive an incredible 74 per cent more attention than those who don’t.

Followed by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (36%), 1984 (21%) and The Da Vinci Code (5%).

For women, the biggest increases in messages comes from listing The Hunger Games (44%), The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (31%) and A Game of Thrones (30%).

That being said, not all books will give your love life a boost. The data found that listing The Bible proves detrimental for both sexes while listing Fifty Shades of Grey results in women getting 16% fewer messages and Harry Potter losing men up to 55%. – Taken from an article by Sarah Young @sarah_j_young;


*Amazon’s new KDP feature is bad news for Createspace users.  Click here for the full story;


*New Amazon “BUY” button draws ire of Publishers and Authors;


*In a joint announcement, the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group and the Hachette Book Group announced that former President Bill Clinton and James Patterson have begun work on a novel called The President Is Missing. The book, which is being edited by Knopf chairman Sonny Mehta and HBG CEO Michael Pietsch, is scheduled to be released in June 2018;


*CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who entered your books into the  1st KCT INTERNATIONAL LITERARY AWARDS Contest.  If your book is amazing enough to have this badge displayed on its cover, the world will know it is a book they need to run out to purchase and read!  Forget about all those other contests who you thought were reputable, as I have been sorely disappointed lately to find, that a few that I thought had extremely high standards, were awarding their top award to books that were far less than deserving.  THIS is the award everyone will be talking about and THIS is the award that will send the masses running to get a copy of your book if it is tagged as a winner! Want everyone reading your book?  Well, hopefully you entered!;


*Fake news about Agatha Christie is nothing new, but it’s not drying up;




*Book Publishers scramble to re-write their future;


*There are major problems in the COPYRIGHT office!;


*Self-publishing?  25 thing you need to know (and 25 things some of you thought you knew already);


*Are you ready for “SPOTLIGHT” THEATER?  Well, get ready because this is another AMAZING RRBC PRODUCTION!  A new episode premieres on May 16th, on RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio!;


*In each edition of THE RRBC PIPELINE, we will shine the SPOTLIGHT on a different genre from our online catalog!  This is our way of bringing even more attention to each and every title which sits under that particular category.  You will find the listing of those titles, on the sidebar widget of every page of this publication.

This month’s GENRE FOCUS is on the HISTORICAL FICTION category in RRBC!  The authors there, are:  BETTY STEVENS, CHRISTY NICHOLAS, DIANE MUNIER, FRED L. FUNK, HANNAH WARREN, JAMES SINCLAIR, JOYCE SHAUGNESSY, JUIET WALDRON, LAURA LIBRICZ, MONIQUE ROY, N. E. BROWN, REBECCA YELLAND, SCOTT SKIPPER, STACI TROILO, T. A. PETERS & THOMAS CONNOR.  We ask that you check out their titles listed under this category and if they are appealing to you, pick up a copy!  We also ask that you share the page on ALL of your social media forums!  Let’s push these authors and make their month extra-special!


*Tips for writers from writers, #WritingAdvice


*17 things Forrest Gump Producers hid from fans;



(Some of the tidbits found here were submitted and researched by Patricia Green)

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  1. My goodness, what an impressive list of news items! It is packed full of information and advice. I will need to spend time with some of these articles. Thank you….


  2. As I was reading the “news” that RRBC will be closing its doors, I had the most horrible sinking feeling in my stomach – where to now? I don’t want to lose contact… oh, what am I going to do now? Flame and his furry and feathered friends, and me, are doomed to go into oblivion…
    what a relief though, Nonnie! My heart is almost too old to bear such news, but thankfully RRBC IS ALIVE AND WELL! Thank you 🌹


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