President’s Message: ALL ABOUT MOMS! #RRBC

It is a must that I begin this issue by wishing all the magnificent moms out there a WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND ahead!  Now, I don’t want you all to think that you have to be perfect as a Mother to deserve all the accolades that should be given to us.  I am in no way a perfect Mom, and if you don’t believe me, I have two darlings that would love to buy you coffee and give you a million reasons why they think I’m not.  (Don’t listen to them, by the way.  And, if they try to pull you into helping them write that Mommie Dearest tell-all about me, I’d advise you to get up and walk away from the table…quickly!)

Our job is the hardest job there is, and although Dads play a huge part in the parenting of our kids, when all else fails and when push comes to shove, as they say, there is always MOM.  (Remember the little ‘funny’ that used to go:  Mom’s baby, daddy’s…maybe?’  That has absolutely nothing at all to do with anything here, I just thought I’d rile some dad feathers by bringing it up, while giving the moms a huge laugh! LMAO!)

In this issue of THE PIPELINE, we hope that we are honoring Moms in a beautiful way. (Guys, that means that this is a Mom-takeover, and there will be only a hint of male-ness mention thru-out. For you…maybe in June.  #Sorry).

The cover of this month’s issue is being graced by one of our uber-supportive members, RWISA member, and a beautiful mom, Author, Stephanie Collins.  I hear that her story, “WITH ANGEL’S WINGS” is one to be read over and over again.  It has been #1 in Amazon’s Kindle store, so if you haven’t read it, pick up a copy.

We hope that you will ALL enjoy this issue so much, that you will share it with your friends and family.

Please drop by ASK THE GOOD MOMMY on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14th for a very special treat for Moms!

Moms, this weekend, is all about YOU!

Images of roses


Welcome to the 3rd edition of THE RRBC PIPELINE Magazine!  I must begin by apologizing for the absence of our March issue.  It was always at the forefront of my mind, but other more pressing issues always seemed to get in the way.  That will not happen again, as I know now how much you all are enjoying our newest creation.

We are in the 4th month of 2017 and we are continuing on with our Year of Better.  Things won’t get any easier, but things will get better…our members will grow personally, professionally and as long as the writing all comes out better in the end, the growing pains will have been worth  it.  You won’t always hear what you want to about your writing, but you will hear the truth, which can only help to get you where you really want to be…AT THE TOP!

Now, about that truth.  You may have to spend a little time seeking out those whose opinions you value and trust, but their honesty will enable you to grow even taller than you ever imagined, and for that, they should be applauded and greatly appreciated.  Remember, we can’t grow and get better if we’re always being told we’re already great, and if we are continually being mis(lied to) about our work.

There’s no shame in admitting that our work is not where it should be, but there is always the utmost respect for those who readily step out and own it. Heck, I need to pull my books right this very moment to work on them…but just know that as soon as the club allows me a moment to breathe, I’m doing just that! Your growth shines thru when you accept the critiques (that are most hard to hear), and then steamroll ahead to improve on them, as opposed to wanting to shoot the messenger.

In this issue, you will find more bits of information to aid you in your writing as well as the way you think about the craft.  It is my sincere hope that in this year of better, you amaze yourself at how much you’re learning and growing!

Until next time…


Welcome to the 2nd edition of THE RRBC PIPELINE Magazine!  2017 has been deemed RRBC Year of Better!  This is the year that we are committing to better living, better goals, better successes, and simply put…better in all areas of our lives!  We are dedicated to putting our best foot forward, so that the outcome in every situation we are faced with, comes out…BETTER.

Since RRBC is a community of mostly writers, let’s lend strong focus this month in that area.  Let’s commit to becoming BETTER writers.  Some of us are truly amazing in that department, and we should consider ourselves blessed, if we’re in that number.   But, for those of us who struggle, but want to also reach that same level of success, let us stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us…struggled before us, and who now stand, holding a place for our feet to take root.

We begin this journey by ensuring that every bit of writing we introduce to the world, whether it be via book, blog post, or even simple comments around social media, is the best writing ever!  Error-free writing is not hard to produce, if we stay committed to producing the best.  Rushing to have the next release is not the same as wanting to be the author who releases the next great read.  There’s a huge difference between the two.

Now, creating great story-lines and writing well-written stories…those could pose other challenges, as everyone isn’t a storyteller.  I’ve always said, that just because you have a story inside you, doesn’t mean you ought to be the one to write it.  You can tell it, but leave the writing to the professionals.  If you know that writing is not your forte, it’s time to enlist the assistance of others.  There is no harm at all in seeking help when needed, especially if it is going to positively impact a career in writing, which you’ve aspired your whole life to have.

I must caution you here, because some of you are easily mislead into believing self-professed labels.  Just because someone calls themselves an “expert,” a “professional,” or just because they’re offering a service, doesn’t mean that they actually know what they’re doing.  Be very careful and very selective of the hands you turn your work over to.  If you’re lucky, they’ll make it so much better, but if your luck is on  vacation at the time, the damage might be irreparable.

Many of you already know how I feel about good/great writing, but, even I have made and still make missteps in the writing department.  I must be honest, though, I don’t usually conform to the norms of writing, I write the way I like to write.  I tend to write the way I speak and at the pace that I read (except when my characters are speaking), and there are just some areas that I refuse to bend in…no matter how the English scholars say I should write it.  Those writing guides that some of you swear by, nope, never used them and can’t say that I ever will.

I have always been this way, a rebel, doing the opposite of what others say I should do…and a trendsetter…blazing trails to the beat of my own drums.  Someone once asked me if I had a problem with authority.  It only took me a split second to respond, “Yes, because I am authority.” It should come as no surprise, then, that I like to do things my way.  I wish for everyone this same sense of self-awareness and self-assurance.  Only then, will we become truly “individual” writers.  As long as your work is error-free and well-written, who cares if it doesn’t follow the norm or tradition?

Promise me today that you will just aim to be better;  even if your better walks a path all its own.

Until next time…enjoy the growth!


Welcome to 2017 and to our 1st edition of The RRBC Pipeline Magazine…the online news magazine of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB!

2017 is filled with so many possibilities for our continued greatness and movement, towards our primary goals to Profile, Promote & Propel our members. If you haven’t gotten on board  this fast-moving train, you’re about to be left behind.

Our community, filled with so many supportive authors and readers who ARE actually purchasing, reading and reviewing their fellow member-author’s books in our catalog, is one-of-a-kind.  Yes, since our inception, we’ve seen many copycat versions of us, but none can compare.  That’s because, first you have to have the right leadership, and second, you have to be dedicated to the goal of fulfilling your mission…ours is to get our members to the top of the literary food chain.  We do understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, actually, research shows it took about 1,009,491 days, over 270+ years…and, although it won’t take us that long, we are staying the course to do all that needs to be done to get the names of our authors and their books out and into the mainstream.

We invite all of you who are looking for a place to call home, those who are looking for a truly supportive literary community where trolls are absolutely not allowed, to JOIN US in this crusade to make INDIE Author a sought after title. Now, don’t be discouraged because I used the word INDIE.  We do have members on our roster who have been published by small publishing houses and who are forced to put as much effort into their promotions and marketing campaigns as the little guys…so, we welcome them, too.  But, for the most part, our INDIE Authors are proud to be INDIE and even prouder to claim complete control of their work…what they write, how they write it and how long it might take them to write it.  The only deadlines in our world, are the ones we impose on ourselves!

We invite you to register to #follow our magazine so that you are kept in the loop of all the happenings in the RRBC literary world.

For our members who are wondering if this monthly publication will replace our WEEKLY CLUB UPDATES (WCU), the answer is “NO.” The information contained in the WCU is for our members only and this pipeline, is for the world to see!!!  It’s also an even greater forum to get our books into the hands of more readers.

Once again, WELCOME to 2017 and to the all-new The RRBC Pipeline Magazine…where all things literary, are our passion and our goal is to share it all with you!

See you next month!!!





  1. What a tribute to Mothers everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day to you Nonnie Jules. Thank you for the beautiful roses. They smell wonderful!!


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