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Welcome to LETTERS TO THE EDITOR!  Members, if you have a question, concern, or just want to share a pat on the back with our hardworking TEAM, please submit those letters to RRBCInfo@gmail.comIf you’d like, you may also leave a comment or question for the Editor below via the Comments section.  You could find your question/comment/concern posted here and your inquiry just might help another member maneuver the RRBC/RWISA waters.  (For privacy purposes, we will not post names as we want everyone to feel comfy and safe in their postings). But, if you see your letter posted, feel free to exclaim, “THOSE ARE MY WORDS!” 


Dear Editor:

I recently entered the Best Book Cover contest in your writing conference. After I paid the entry fee, my money was returned with a message that I didn’t understand. It said that because I was not a member of your club, my book cover could not be included in the contest. Can you give me a better reason than that and one that makes sense to me?


Cover Clueless

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Dear Cover Clueless…

Thank you for your interest in our Best Book Cover Contest. I’m sorry you didn’t understand that it was for members only. Although the Writer’s Conference is open for everyone to attend, the Book Cover Contest is one of several annual events created specifically for RRBC members. In addition to the well established support within the organization, special promotions, contests, and parties are also scheduled for the membership throughout the year. The Best Book Cover Contest is one of them. It is another benefit of RRBC membership.

You might want to consider joining the club. RRBC membership is more than an affiliation to add to a resume. It’s a supportive group of readers, writers, authors and reviewers who offer camaraderie along with a long list of other amazing benefits, including a Book Cover Contest!

Thank you for your question!

Happy reading and Best Wishes!

~Karen Black



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  1. Good question and good answer. It won’t hurt to hear this explanation over and over again because there will still be people who haven’t seen the Q&A when they are new members. Sometimes its ok to go back and review things to keep the rules fresh in our minds.

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  2. Good Morning, Partner,
    I like your answer. It is amazing how much you receive back in respect, recognition and love when you join RRBC. Being a part of this is a joy.
    Shalom aleichem

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  3. Mutual support is what sets RRBC apart from any other book club! A little effort goes a very long way in RRBC, and the rewards are far greater than I ever imagined. Even beyond support, the friendships are priceless.

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  4. Karen. You are so right. The support of RRBC members is without equal. With my busy work schedule it really helps me knowing RRBC has my back. Great support. Thank you all.

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  5. Hi Partner,
    I‘m always amazed at how timely an article is that is published in our magazine. It was very nice to hear that we do make a difference. Great answer back.

    Shalom aleichem

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  6. Great answer, Karen! I’ve been in RRBC for many, many moons, and I can attest that those who get the most out of this organization/family are those who support others and engage with members through the various activities. They are also the same people who have the most fun because they are vested in truly enjoying one another’s company. 🙂


  7. Hi, Karen! Great question and great answer. The more members participate in RRBC, the more they get out of it. I love the fact that participation means supporting others. If everyone in the world would put into practice what we do at RRBC, a host of problems would simply vanish.

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  8. The question was great and I look forward to more. RRBC and the things it offers are like an extended family where you get far more regardless of how much you give. I enjoy supporting authors and have for many years (yes, even before joining RRBC) and will continue to do so with reading and talking with authors. My fav….


  9. Karen, thank you for explaining RRBC’s membership policy. I’m proud to be a member of RRBC. There is nothing else quite like it! Nonnie has created a matchless support system, a family atmosphere, and lots of fun events. And then there’s RWISA. Yep. I’m happy to be a part of this.;


  10. I love this response. I know that since I have been a member I have messed up some, but forgiveness is offered for improving and learning.


    • Jan, I have always said, I’d prefer to have a roster with only 25 – 50 solid supportive members, as opposed to a roster of 600 filled with takers.

      Now, the policy is, you show up, or you don’t, but, if you choose the don’t – well, the choice was all yours!


    • I agree completely! I love showing up, and I love that I’ve had the time lately to be involved with everything, but even when my work schedule gets back to “normal” (whatever that will look like in the future), I still plan to show up whenever I can. I am a giver, so it makes me happy to help others. 🙂


  11. These “letters to the editor” are always educational for the rest of us. I have always loved reading them in other magazines. It can be hard embracing constructive criticism but you can grow if you are open to them.

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  12. Nonnie, these questions and comments are of great value to any members of RRBC or RWISA that aren’t quite sure the whys of what we do. Thank you for sharing! I hope everyone READS them!


  13. Nonnie, your replies to the “Letters to the Editor” are simple and straight to the point. I love the structure of RRBC. For, as you say, without structure and rules, there would be total chaos. I, for one, do not like chaos. Imagine if there were no stop signs or red lights. 🙂 Thank you for ALL that you do!


  14. I don’t know why I didn’t take the time to comment here sooner. The posts are informative and always educational. And reading the thoughts of others is almost like people-watching. Its a fun thing to do.


  15. Yep, I teared up reading these letters. Lol! Kindness is such a beautiful energy because it affects both the giver and the receiver (and everyone else who then interacts with those two people). Thanks for always practicing what you preach. 🙂


  16. I, too, am grateful for finding this family that you envisioned and brought to life, Nonnie. I love this section of the Pipeline.


  17. This latest letter to and from the Editor made my heart soar! This is what RRBC is all about, folks! Thank you, Nonnie, for your beautiful vision.


  18. I love these new letters. Especially the one from “C” when she said, “I embrace constructive criticism.” That’s what we are all about – growing and learning.


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