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In this piece, Author, Nonnie Jules asks the question we all need the answer to – WHY?  Why are we forced to continually sit while NOT ENOUGH is being done to protect our children, our elderly, our loved ones?

In honor of all the young lives lost so senselessly to gun violence, I give you the pain my heart feels in this moment.


(This poem should be read at a steady pace as if in spoken word form, adhering to commas as the pauses they are.  Where you feel there should be a comma and there is not, that is intentional for the flow of this piece). 


Why are we continually forced to suffer the pain of losing our babies, our husbands, our wives, our parents and grandparents, to random and senseless gun violence?


Why do we continue to sit on our laws and under the umbrellas of our political parties, while showers of ridiculous reasons rain down over us, as to why we can’t, we shouldn’t, we couldn’t, we won’t change those laws so they’re actually set up to protect the innocent?


Why do we feel that the right to bear arms is so much more important than our children’s right to live and grow up and grow old and see their 18th birthday, and walk across a stage, and drive their first car, and meet their first love, and marry and have their own children?


Why do we continue to sit back and watch mothers and fathers who were sure their children would one day bury them, take to the cemeteries and graveyards to bury those same children who never even learned to write a cursive word, or had enough time in their short lives to memorize a multiplication fact?


Why is it we wake up on Sunday morning and drive to the Lord’s house for worship, and while kneeling at the altar asking the Lord to protect us from all evil and harm, the door swings open and hate rushes right in and puts a bullet through the head of every person present whose skin is not the same, pale hue as his?


You tell me why – why should I have to sit and shed tears over just the fear of my husband or my daughters or my sisters or my brothers walking out the door to run to the store, and never having the opportunity to even make it to the checkout counter, because some 18-year-old freak of nature with a gun walked into the market, just as they rounded the corner past the soda machine?


Why does your inaction to the actions that impact us as harshly as the tornado that spiraled Auntie Em and Uncle Henry’s house with Dorothy and Toto in it, up up up into the air, dumping them in the land of Oz, leave us stunned? Their reaction?  Fueled by the brevity of human life, yet still rife with the spirit of the will to find that yellow brick road – they trudged along, just to get back home.

And just like Dorothy and Toto, every child, parent, grandparent, sister, brother, friend and lover deserves to wake up, walk out their door, and expect, and be expected to return home.

Why do we keep rapping politely until a sliver of light announces a crack of an opening, but when we begin to ask the same questions we’ve asked over and over, the doors of silence and inaction are slammed in our faces?

Why do we continue to allow the scowls of hate and evil to be the representation of our nation?

They have nothing to say… yet.

They’re working on covering their bases, when they should be seeking the courage to stand and face us.

I demand that you answer me now…



Friends, I’ll see you here next time, but before you leave, do share your thoughts on what’s happening to our loved ones.  How important is this issue to you? 

~Nonnie Jules, Publisher

President & Founder




  1. Most of us sit and wring out hands in despair, trying to figure out what can we do? I ask why all the time and close my eyes, try to calm down and find an answer. This is not the world I want to live in. Its not the country I thought it was. Guns have taken over and it makes no sense. I don’t know if the tide is turning. It didn’t turn the tide during the Sandy Hooks Massacre and those babies were mostly white children. So what’s it going to take to get common sense gun legislation? Somebody tell me please. I love your post Nonnie. Thank you for giving us something to thank about.

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  2. Why? Because politicians are in charge and the first objective of any elected official is to get re-elected. Rather than adhere to the will of those who elected them, they play an “us vs. them” game in order to posture for the next election.

    There is a lot that can be done, but neither side has been convinced to back off of their position just enough to meet in the middle. It starts with the first concession and once that begins, real solutions follow. Meanwhile, we wait.

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  3. Why, you ask? Because of power, money, and greed. The same people who refuse to do anything are the same ones who are restricting abortions of any kind because they have no problem restricting a woman’s autonomy over her own body under the pretense of saving babies’ lives but they won’t put common sense restrictions that NINETY percent of Americans want on guns to actually SAVE the lives of those already living in our country. And it is an American problem. No other country has this issue. None.

    Those 90% of Americans need to make this November election one in which they only vote for candidates who are willing to create common sense gun restrictions. This has been going on too long. In two years, they can go back to voting for whatever party and issues they want, but until the voters are willing to show the politicians that their job is to represent us and fight for our safety, then the politicians will keep wiping their butts with what voters want.

    I’ve seen memes going around about how getting a gun should have the same regulations as getting to drive a car and another one that to get a gun, a person should have to go through what a woman who wants an abortion has to go through. I believe people have a right to own a gun, whether for protection or sport. I do not agree that any person outside of a military role should have the right to own a gun built for war.

    As a teacher who has to practice the active shooter drill every month in her classroom, I am TIRED of listening to politicians spew garbage about needing more securities in school or armed teachers. Those same politicians don’t even provide enough money to public education to pay teachers a decent salary, but they want us to find money for better security? Give me a break!

    (Deeeeeeeeeeeep breath)

    Sorry for my rant. Teachers are leaving the field in droves for so many reasons, but this is one of them. It is past time for voters to pull away from political parties and, for just once, make a statement for one 2-year term and vote for people who will make a real difference in protecting the lives of the innocent.

    Okay, rant over. Great poem, Nonnie! 🙂

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    • Yvette, your (rant)… uh, I mean comment (LOL) was almost as long as my poem, which my child kept saying to me, “Mommy, wrap it up already.” But I couldn’t – not until it stopped on its own.

      All funnies aside, your comment was so thoughtful and on point. Every single thought touched on topics that I am so tired of finding underneath rugs they have been swept under. Thank you for being brave enough to speak on the abortion topic that some are so quick to try and dismiss. Don’t tell me how to raise my kids and don’t tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body. It is my right to choose, and it is also my personal business, which isn’t ever up for discussion or debate in any arena.

      I have so many family members and friends (you included) who are teachers, and when something like this happens, my chest tightens up as I rush to see what part of the world this has taken place in, and then, heaving a big sigh of thanks and relief, when I learn it’s not hit me so close to home – yet.

      I have cried every day since this shooting happened as I did with all the others in the past. My heart breaks for these parents and then I’m thankful my own children are no longer on school campuses, although I had this same fear when they were away on college campuses.

      Where are our kids safe? Tell me… where? If they can’t even go to school and feel safe, where can they go? If we can’t even go into the market and feel safe, where can we go? If people can’t even go to church and feel safe as they worship, where can they go?

      WAKE UP, PEOPLE! We can change things!

      I can’t say any more than I have already. Everyone knows my position and now they know yours. Let’s see who else will chime in with “their” position on this huge issue.

      Friends, we’re listening.

      Thanks for chiming in, Yvette!

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  4. I will add another why. Why is it an amendment that includes the phrase “a well regulated militia,” written when guns were muzzle loaders that took 45 seconds to a full minute to re-load, unlike today’s weapons of war, takes precedent over our children? The Founding Fathers had no idea that weaponry would advance technologically to the point they have today. No one who’s not in the military or on the police force should not have access to these weapons. No one. My father collected and shot muzzle loaders. I know how difficult they were to handle. Yet they killed hundreds of thousands in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Eighteen-year olds should not have access to these weapons. My late father, who was a champion shot with muzzle loaders, would tell these people if they need such weapons to hit a target, they need to go to the rifle range and really learn how to shoot. I never learned to shoot; my sisters did. I have never understood the attraction of guns. They are simply killing machines. Our collective hearts get broken too much.

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  5. Wow, Nonnie, you put into words what so many of us are feeling. How can this type of tragedy keep happening again and again without action being taken by our elected officials? They are craven weasels and we should vote them all out! For those who would like to help push for a solution, here is a wonderful group: Every town for Gun Safety (everytown.org). Check them out!

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  6. Good Morning,
    At this very moment, I am living on a continent where the respect for life, liberty, and happiness has been severly damaged by the dropping of bombs and even as some suspect, the use of chemical warfare. Your poem Why brought tears to my eyes. The respect for the right to breathe as human beings is slowly being taken away from us. We have to stand up and let our voices be heard by whatever legal methods that we can use.
    Shalom aleichem

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  7. Pat and Karen are beautiful souls, and I love that you shared your thoughts about them with us, Nonnie! Trust is everything to me. I am hesitant to give it to people and tend to give it a little at a time, and when someone betrays that trust, it is never really earned again. Very few make into my inner circle of trust. I’m quite guarded with my heart. 🙂

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  8. HI Nonnie, thank you for this lovely shout out for Karen and Pat. Two lovely ladies with big hearts. It is true that we need to be careful when using social media and the internet. I must say that I have suffered far greater breaches of trust by people close to me than people I’ve met through WP and social media. I agree that it is better to know when there is bad feeling among relatives and friends so that you are forewarned.

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    • Hi, Robbie! I’m sorry to hear that you have had that experience with those close to you (family and friends). I can’t say that I can relate to that – and I’m glad that I can’t. Betrayal is betrayal, no matter where it comes from.

      Thanks for dropping in!

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  9. Hi Nonnie. What a sincere heartfelt commentary. I appreciate you taking your time to share your sentiments. I am glad they are part of your team. Thank you.

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  10. You’ve made some great points about trust, Nonnie, and I love that you expressed your trust in the ladies you’ve teamed up with to produce the Pipeline. Broken trust is not easily mended, and these days, we must be careful about whom we trust.

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  11. Yes, my dear, Nonnie, trust is important. It needs to be earned and once broken, it can never be the same.

    I read your “President’s Thoughts” for the first time just now. I am humbled by your kind words and appreciate your confidence. Our PIPELINE team is a dream team and the mutual support among us is the reason. But more important to me than the production of what I believe to be an excellent magazine, is the relationship and the trust that has developed among the three of us. It is an honor to call you and Pat friends. Your trust is safe with me.

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  12. Good Morning, Nonnie,
    This brought tears to my eyes. I am deeply humbled because I didn’t expect it. You’re a hardworking woman and you demand a lot. I praise God for that because I would never find out what I am capable of doing, if you didn’t push me. It is so good to work with and for you. The team and The PIPLELINE means a lot to me. ti is my pleasure to be one of the people in your boat.
    God bless you and take care.
    Shalom aleichem


    • Hi, Pat! Yes, I am demanding – my mom says I came out that way (and so proud of that), but it is only in that, that I can bring out the best in others and the best in myself, as well. I demand more from me than I do anyone around me. I like for things to be done correctly and in order… always. Shabby work and performance to me is a sign of laziness and is a direct reflection on who you are as a person, and Nonnie doesn’t do shabby in any form or fashion. It’s almost perfect or it is not at all coming from me and my camp.

      I listened to Iyanla Vanzant say to the Braxton family once, “I don’t do excuses.” I’m of like-mind with Ms. Vanzant. (I hope I’m spelling her name correctly).

      Thanks, Pat! You’re treasured and appreciated for who you are and how you are 🙂

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  13. Good Morning, Nonnie,
    I was so surprised and shaken up by your message on trust, that I put my comment on the front page of the magazine. I will correct that and copy it here. Please delete the comment on the front cover.

    Shalom aleichem


  14. Nonnie, thank you for your heartfelt message and the reminder to embrace positivity for the new year. I smiled when I read your “resolutions,” because there are a good number of them (you set your sights high, as we all know!) and because I did the same thing when I wrote mine. But running through yours there is that thread of positivity. It’s another way of making the world a better place, and it’s good for ourselves, too. A positive outlook is a healthy choice! Thanks again for your words!

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    • Hi, Maura Beth! Yes, high achiever on board here! My sights are always set high… I hope to always encourage others to set their sights high, as well. Why low-ball yourself in this life? Live out loud and live your best life any chance you get!


  15. #GVO indeed! So much negativity in the world, so many people angry with one another–but if we can spread #GVO, think of the progress we can make in our own little ways. Around Christmas time, I found myself watching Hallmark movies because I simply couldn’t take all the negativity in the world. Yes, they’re all formulaic and have the same endings. (But wow, what if I could write one and earn a ton of money? Hmmm…) But positive endings and people who actually seemed to like one another! And no pandemic in sight!

    I recently saw a sign in a store advising employees to be kind to everyone because every person you meet is bearing a weight of some kind, and no one with whom you come in contact with knows each other’s back story. It’s great to apply the #GVO approach to.

    Thanks, Nonnie, for being there, for being you, and for always wanting the best out of us as writers and human beings. That’s what we should all want from each other. You set the standard. And that’s why we love being here.


    • Hi, Wanda! I’m glad that the standard is noticed. It is so for a reason. I don’t do mediocre and I choose not to accept mediocrity being spread around me. If you want to spread something, it ought to be the fire inside that pushes us to chase our dreams with a vengeance and then make them all come true.

      Thank you for being you, Wanda!


  16. Wonderful message, Nonnie! Being positive has not always been easy for me (shhh… don’t tell anyone… I hide it well). 😉 Having anxiety and a strong, negative inner voice crippled me for years. I’ve been fortunate enough to find the right kind of help to teach me the strategies I needed to bring me into the #GVO circle. Mindfulness plays a large role in keeping me grounded and allowing me the space to create positive energy. Emotional frequency tapping, meditation, and therapy talk also help. Happiness is a choice, but for some, it’s a struggle to make that choice. For those who are struggling, I hope they embrace your words and strive to make baby steps in the right direction. Every baby step should be celebrated because each one gradually brings people to inner peace and self-love, which are both forms of happiness. 🙂

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    • Yvette, I’m happy to know that you sought out and found just the help you needed to help you keep those crippling anxieties at bay. Positivity is a choice, but I want to make something crystal clear – when you’re standing in your truth and making observations and speaking that truth, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being negative. People need to understand the difference. I love positivity. I preach it, I practice it, I live it, but on the flip side of that, I like calling a spade a spade and if that means that I must point out nonsense, so be it. I’m not going to worry (or care) that someone might view that as me being negative.

      Remember, if they don’t feed me, clothe me, shelter or love me, their opinion of me matters not to me.

      Thanks for dropping by, Yvette!

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  17. Hi Nonnie,

    I love the theme Good Vibes Only. There is enough negativity in our world right now, we don’t need to contribute to more in what should be our “safe space.” We are obviously all connected by our love of writing and reading. For me, that space is my passion and my outlet for creativity. I want to do my best to encourage and support everyone in their creative quest.

    Have a great day!


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  18. Nonnie, you never cease to amaze me. In fact, you remind me of a preacher standing in front of the congregation giving his [her] message-filled sermon. Afterward, those hearing the words leave with a much better attitude and try to implement the suggestions. There’s still time left to add a white-collar to your many accolades. Keep delivering! Amen!

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    • While collar, John? Let me think about it. I’m pretty sure I can squeeze it in and be tops at it, at that!

      Thanks for dropping by, my friend 🙂 Your kind words always keep me lifted!


  19. Wow, Nonnie, you said a mouth full. I can appreciate your words of wisdom and may adopt a few of my own. I tend to not make resolutions because I always fail. One thing I will do, is see a project through once I commit to it.

    My work ethic is good although there is room for improvement there. I’ve gained too much weight sitting around trying to deal with the pandemic. I feel like staying home more than I used to. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

    Anyway, I’m rambling. I’ll close this by saying to you, “Congratulations on producing this wonderful magazine. Be very good to yourself because that is what I intend to do for me.


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  20. Thanks, Nonnie. Following your advice will not only make us better people, it will improve the lives of people we come in contact with. Joy is as contagious as gloom, and as both are choices, we should always choose joy. It makes life a lot easier to bear, especially during hard times, and it uplifts those who are also going through challenges.

    One of my favorite Bible verses is Philippians 4:8 (ESV). “Finally, brothers [and sisters], whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Sometimes, it’s a hard verse to swallow, but putting it into practice gets easier the more often we choose to do it. Like exercise.

    So, I’m sending good vibes to you and everyone reading this, along with my prayers for a year full of blessings and joy.

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  21. Hi Nonnie, this is a great post and a wonderful message for the new year. I like the idea of good vibes only. It is so true what you said about people projecting certain emotions and attitudes like depression and then receiving it back. If you smile and project happiness it usually is returned to you. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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  22. Pat and I double-teamed you, Nonnie, and I am pleased that we succeeded! The PIPELINE readers are the winners and will benefit from your thoughts.

    “Good vibes only” reminds me of something I was taught as a child, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.” That goal, overall, has served me well. Onward!

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    • Hi, Karen! Yes, you two did gang up on me, but you know what, I’m glad you did. It felt good to share this at the start of our new year. I do hope it helps many. If we all get on board with giving the world the best version of ourselves, oh, what a wonderful world this would be!

      Thank you, my friend 🙂

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  23. Dear Nonnie,
    I like having your thoughts available here to refer to during the month and ongoing as the Internet is like info forever. I think a list of mandates, guidelines, to do’s, or whatever tag should belong there are important for each person to consider. I typically do a list in December and refer to it throughout the year. You have made me add a couple of items-thank you. Take care and enjoy everyday in everyway.

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  24. HI Madam President,
    What a way to start the year! Good Vibes Only.
    You’ve preached a much needed sermon.
    I have Denzel’s speech saved on YouTube. It’s a heavy message that always lifts me up whenever I listen to it.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts.
    Shalom aleichem

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