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Nonnie Jules is the Founder & President of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB {RRBC} & RAVE WRITERS – INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS {RWISA}She founded RRBC in 2013 and RWISA, shortly thereafter.  She started THE RRBC PIPELINE MAGAZINE in 2017, out of a need to showcase the members of RRBC/RWISA in a greater format, as well as to offer a great reading avenue to literary lovers from around the world.  You like to read?  Well, Nonnie ensures that there’s a plethora of content each month for you to sink your teeth into!  She has assembled the most amazing TEAM below to aid her in her mission of bringing you only the best and most interesting literary, entertainment, and other informative content from around the world.  If you are a literary lover, you will enjoy this ride!



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Greetings, Pipeline readers!

For the past 4 years, Nonnie Jules successfully produced, directed, researched and edited THE PIPELINE Magazine. I don’t know how she did it by herself, but she did and she made it a success. At her invitation, I am delighted to join THE PIPELINE team, which includes Pat Garcia and Harriet Hodgson, two talented writers.

In a past life, I edited a multi-state, magazine-style newsletter, “The Jotter,” which was the official publication of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Western Pennsylvania. Carbon paper was still in use. Yes, it was that long ago. My original major was journalism, but I jumped ship and earned a degree in Criminal Justice.

Retired from AFSCME, I served as the union’s Chief Negotiator opposite the Governor’s Office and the Office of Attorney General for statewide agreements. With years of experience in arbitration, civil litigation, and negotiation, I understand the importance of truth, professionalism and reputation, all of which I believe are necessary in the compilation of information, and the editing of an international publication. As a contract and policy creator, I also know the difference a word makes, and sometimes that skill comes in handy, too.

The first story I remember writing was about a horse, named Dusty. It was written well over half a century ago. My original publication was a short story that was included in an anthology, published in 2012.

Ever, since I learned to read “Fun with Dick and Jane,” I’ve been an avid reader. I’ll be perusing the RRBC Catalog, looking for the best books to suggest to our subscribers, as well as introducing readers to new authors and different genres. When I read for pleasure, I don’t finish a book or an article that doesn’t keep my interest. I’d like to be sure that THE PIPELINE is filled with information that is accurate, educational, and most of all… interesting.

As EDITOR-IN-CHIEF and a proud member of Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC) and Rave Writers – International Society of Authors, otherwise known as RWISA, I’m looking forward to working with THE PIPELINE team to present a monthly publication that you’ll read from beginning to end, and your comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Please feel free to reach out to me via the CONTACT US form on the RRBC site.

I live in the United States with my husband, and two alien creatures disguised as cats. Each of the furry creatures is unique and one is rumored to be ET’s second cousin. The rumor has not been confirmed.



Pat Garcia RWISA shirt

As a hybrid author, I walk both sides of the street, published and self-published.

Many thanks to Nonnie, whom I admire as a person of her word and an extremely hard worker. Thanks to Karen Black, also, who is the Editor, taking over Nonnie’s job.

My responsibilities as a staff writer allow me to stretch the visibility of THE PIPELINE Magazine globally with news from all corners of the globe that might interest us. Living in Europe as an ExPat, you will see English articles that pertain to the United States and pertain to Canada, Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world that I have not mentioned here specifically.  My goal is to give THE PIPELINE Magazine more international flavor. 

In the WRITER’S CORNER, I desire to bring more craft articles about writing into THE PIPELINE Mag and introduce the different blogs of RRBC and RWISA authors. I am looking for blogs that do not just publish and promote their books and the books of others, but have articles that can help us evolve as writers on our writer’s journey.  These types of articles will demonstrate how to use writing techniques, like the Deep Point of View (DPOV) or Goal, Motivation, Conflict, (GMC) or Flashbacks, to help strengthen our writing.  Articles that help a beginning writer understand the Self-Publishing jungle and first experiences of how-to and where to when it comes to marketing, are needed and will be featured. 

I look forward to getting to promote all of you better through THE PIPELINE Magazine as I visit your blogs and profile pages.




I have been a freelancer for 43 years. My books have been published by traditional and independent publishers. Most of my work comes from experience. Writing is my passion and I write every day. I love writing so much I write in my sleep. An idea will come to me, I will start writing, and suddenly wake up.

This is my cue to boot up the computer and transfer the writing I did in my sleep to paper. I have written thousands of articles and 42 published books, including self-help books, poetry, and children’s books. At age 85 I accepted a new part-time job with website that serves those who are grieving. I am Assistant Editor of the website and enjoy every aspect of my work.

My husband John was a specialist in aerospace, aviation, and internal medicine.  We traveled the world together. John died six months ago. Though I miss him terribly, I continue to write because it is what I love and what he would want me to do. “At Home with Harriet” will explore a variety of topics based on life experience and my international view of the world.

The topics will range from writing tips, to memories, to current events and issues. I welcome your comments and suggestions. You may reach me via the RRBC website using the CONTACT US form and selecting THE PIPELINE TEAM Dept. Let’s get to know each other!



  1. Karen Black, Pat Garcia, Harriet Hodgson and Nonnie Jules. What a bunch of fabulous ladies. You all have such interesting careers and talents that you bring to the club. And, of course, Nonnie provides the format to bring it all together. Thank you all so much for putting your talents and your time into this publication.

    I really appreciate you all.


  2. I love the the latest issue–a variety of topics from a variety of members. So glad to see Nonnie’s new column.
    Would like to see more Letters to the Editor. What are your thoughts and ideas?


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