Copy of Copy of THE RRBC PIPELINE MAGAZIN (2).png




  1. I want to thank everyone in my RRBC family for the coveted November Book Of The Month award. I don’t take that lightly and am very proud to have received it. I will continue to do my best to make you all proud. Thank you again!!

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  2. I completely agree with what Wendy said. Nonnie literally works her fingers to the bone to make this conference nothing short of amazing. It’s a great time to purchase and review her books! Thank you, Nonnie!

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  3. Bring on the RRBC Conference! Nonnie dedicates months of effort to showcase RRBC authors and their books (to the detriment of her own writing career) – how about showing your support of our phenomenal leader by purchasing and reviewing her books.

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  4. I was browsing and reading the “Letters To The Editor” and learned a lot about the members and what’s going on at RRBC.Nice job on the magazine, Nonnie.

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    • Yeah, the untold story is that they wanted to be closer to the lava, but the heated pavement kept melting the bottoms of my shoes, so it got dicey there for a while. Thanks!

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    • Why, thank ya, Jan. This one is the loyalty test: if you can look at that face and still read the mag, you’ve done something! Thanks for the support, Jan.


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